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Asbestos Removal Advice

Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd offer advice on asbestos removal, as well as a superior testing surveying and consultancy service.

Asbestos Removal – Value for Money?

Asbestos removal can be expensive. The question to ask is whether or not you are going to get value for money. It may be possible that you do not know if you are getting the right advice from the first asbestos removal contractor that you approach.

Asbestos Surveys

Another question to ask is whether a survey has already been carried out. You may be paying for a non- asbestos product to be removed, or you may not need to have all your asbestos removed and encapsulation may be all that is required. A professional company can guide you on to the right solution.

Please remember that, for independent impartial advice on asbestos removal, we can help. As experts in our field and over 20 years experience, we are also able to help you vet your potential asbestos removal contractors.

Let’s talk with our Professional

Here are some further questions to ask:

  • Do they hold an asbestos removal licence?
  • What type of licence do they hold?
  • Is it a 3-year licence?
  • Are they fully insured?
  • Are all the employees suitably trained?

Also, does the asbestos removal contractor insist on employing the analytical company to carry out air monitoring and 4 stage clearance testing?

For your own peace of mind, you may require a different company – of your choice to carry out the relevant analytical services. Doing this will help you to ensure that you are benefiting from an independent review as well as an impartial answer to asbestos problems and integrity from the work carried out.

If you need expert advice on asbestos matter, whether you already have had a survey carried out or you suspect asbestos has become airborne and people at the building are at risk, please feel free to call us. We offer professional and accurate advice as well as independent testing, sampling and analysis.