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Asbestos Surveys & Testing in Essex

We are experts in the field of asbestos consultancy, project management, air monitoring, sampling and surveying services which are all offered at competitive prices.


Who We Are?

Professional Asbestos Testing Experts in Essex

Our team of consultants surveyors and technicians have many years experience; along with an outstanding level of qualifications, making us stand out from other companies in our Asbestos Testing sector.

Did you know that under regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations, the duty holder (persons who have a legal responsibility for the premises) must manage the risk from asbestos in non-domestic premises e.g. commercial and industrial premises. The duty also applies to the common parts of domestic premises.

Before any refurbishment or demolition works are undertaken it is essential that asbestos containing materials are not disturbed in any way. You must carry out an asbestos survey within these areas whether you suspect that asbestos is present or not. If you are planning on extending, removing walls or conducting any type work at the property it is vital that you contact an expert for help and advice before you go ahead.

Why People Choose Us?

High Standards of Asbestos Consultancy, Air Monitoring and Surveying

Our team is made up of asbestos consultants, air monitoring technicians and asbestos surveyors who can assist with your requirements. When we undertake any work it is always with a professional approach and a very high standard in accordance with current Health & Safety guidelines and international standards. Think there may be asbestos in your premises in the following materials?

Outbuildings can be subject to asbestos too. Asbestos cement roofs and walls are still discovered on a regular basis, it is also important not to walk on fragile materials like these. Wood, glass, metals, stone and breezeblocks do not contain asbestos although they may be hiding it. If you are unsure, it is important to contact an expert for advice.

There are 4 types of asbestos surveys available:

Management Survey, Re-inspection Survey, Refurbishment survey and Demolition survey.

This type of survey is to assist in the duty holder’s management plan. We take samples of materials suspected to contain asbestos, and then presume that similar products are of the same matrix. We then carry out a material and priority assessment which will be determined via an algorithm to assess the risk in its entirety, subject to laboratory analysis results as to whether the product contains asbestos or not.

This type of survey is carried out when any asbestos doubted item is found at the location of any previously conducted surveys, and are periodically checked for potential damage and degradation. Such surveys are ususally conducted on an annual basis.

Refurbishment surveys are conducted where there is refurbishment to be done. This survey does not require the condition of the asbestos containing material unlike re-inspection survey. The survey area is vacated and becomes certified “Fit for reoccupation” after the survey is conducted.

This type of survey must be conducted before any  demolition works take place at any site. All areas will be subject to intrusive investigation as far as is reasonably practicable. A demolition survey requires our team to have access to all areas where the relevant work is to be taking place.

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