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Asbestos Air Monitoring

About Asbestos Air Sampling

Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd are UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and can provide clients with reliable on-site air sampling, evaluations (fibre counting) and four-stage clearance testing. Accredited for sampling of air for fibre counting and Fibre Counting, All sampling and testing is carried out in accordance with our own in-house procedures, relevant CAR 2012 regulations and HSG 248 guidelines. These are specific codes of practice that must be followed in order to protect people from exposure to this harmful material. All air samples taken are evaluated within one of our mobile laboratories and certificates for the tests will be issued on-site.

Air sampling is an important factor when determining the risk of potential exposure to asbestos fibres. Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd is able to offer the following services:

This is performed to establish the current fibre concentration. It is normally carried out before any activity which may lead to elevated asbestos fibre contamination. This is a useful baseline to compare other leak or reassurance samples.

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