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Our team of trained professionals work across Essex securing the health hazard of asbestos making homes and office building safe from deadly dust particles. You can call us to discuss surveying a property or workplace first to ascertain if there is is a genuine risk to persons health presented by asbestos.

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Prevention is protection

Do you suspect materials containing asbestos are present in the walls or roof? Has asbestos been dumped in landfill or an adjacent property? Asbestos is a danger to the health and safety of persons and can be removed securely and safely. Use the call back form on the right and we will be in touch.

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Surveying and sampling for asbestos

survey and sampling for asbestos

Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd offer asbestos surveying, and sampling in accordance with:

  • HSG 264 Asbestos
  • The Survey Guide
  • HSG 248 Asbestos
  • The Analyst’s Guide for Sampling and Clearance Procedures

What this means is that we help our client ensure that residents or colleagues are not working or living at a potentially hazardous site.

We are experts in our field, and our highly experienced and qualified team offer the following services:

  • Management Surveys
  • Re-inspection Surveys (as part of a management plan)
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys
  • Management Surveys with part Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys
  • Individual Sampling of Suspect Materials

All surveying and sampling staff hold, as a minimum, the BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) P402 Qualification as well as the Proficiency Certificate in Building Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos. Our knowledgeable staff also have a wealth of experience of asbestos surveying and sampling.

Asbestos Surveying

Management Surveys

Regulation 4 of CAR 2012 places a duty on building owners, tenants and other parties who have a legal responsibility of a non-domestic site or premises to manage the risk of asbestos by having a management survey.

The requirements are:

  • To take reasonable steps to find any materials that are likely to contain asbestos; and to check their condition
  • Presume that materials do contain asbestos, unless there is strong evidence to suggest that they do not
  • Record the location and condition of asbestos, as well as presumed asbestos containing materials (ACM’S) and to keep the record updated
  • Make a risk assessment of the likelihood of any persons being exposed to ACM’S
  • Prepare a plan to manage the risk and put it into effect. This should ensure that any ACM, known or presumed, is kept in good condition. Or, because of the risk associated with its location or condition, the area should be repaired or removed if necessary. Information on the location and condition of the ACM’s is given to anyone potentially at risk

Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

Where construction or building work will be carried out, it is the clients responsibility to provide contractors and designers who are bidding for or going to be carrying out the work, with specific information of the presence of asbestos.

This will normally be conducted with a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey, although quite often a Management Survey with specific Refurbishment and Demolition Surveying is conducted in the areas where work is to be carried out.

It is important to note that Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys are intrusive and can be very destructive, yet are the perfect solution to projects that will see buildings demolished anyway.


A survey report will be issued. The survey report will contain a record of all of the information collected at the time the survey was carried out, and will record the presence and condition of ACM’s.

This will include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction Covering the Scope of Work
  • General Site & Survey Information
  • Survey Results (including material assessment)
  • Conclusions & Actions
  • Bulk Sample Results
  • Drawings (including sample locations)
  • Photographs


In some circumstances, a survey will not be required and just 1 or 2 samples will be taken. This is common if a homeowner wants to carry out some DIY and suspects that a material may contain asbestos.

After the samples are taken, they are then sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory to be analysed by polarised light microscopy and dispersion staining techniques in accordance with HSG248. A bulk sample report will be issued with results of all analysis.

If you would like to enquire about our testing, sampling and asbestos removal services, please feel free to call our professional team on 01375 643863.

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Making Essex properties safer

Our trained and qualified team will inspect any structure and test for asbestos containing materials. Also air sampling for dangerous asbestos fibres which can help in preventing asbestos poising the atmosphere.

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Four stage clearance testing

Our thorough procedure will ensure there are no traces of asbestos fibres and that all work with asbestos will be completed in accordances with current HSE guidelines and contractor's method statement.

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