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Our team of trained professionals work across Essex securing the health hazard of asbestos making homes and office building safe from deadly dust particles. You can call us to discuss surveying a property or workplace first to ascertain if there is is a genuine risk to persons health presented by asbestos.

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Prevention is protection

Do you suspect materials containing asbestos are present in the walls or roof? Has asbestos been dumped in landfill or an adjacent property? Asbestos is a danger to the health and safety of persons and can be removed securely and safely. Use the call back form on the right and we will be in touch.

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Advice and consultancy for tackling asbestos

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Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd offer impartial and confidential advice and consultancy on all of your asbestos requirements. Whether you already have records that show asbestos is present and wish to carry out construction, demolition or improvement works at your property, or if you suspect that the materials at your property contain asbestos, then we can help.

Asbestos Compliance
Compliance with current HSE guidance and regulations can sometimes be difficult to interpret but as a property owner or duty holder, it is essential that you always comply. All work with asbestos must meet the guidelines as set out with CAR (The Control of Asbestos Regulations) 2012.

Asbestos removal that goes ahead without specialist advice could result in many problems. This could include facing additional removal works that only add to your expenses, and you could be the recipient of claims relating to uncontrolled asbestos exposure due to poor planning. Choosing not to obtain professional advice can put people at serious risk of illness.

Asbestos Consultancy

Our range of consultancy services and the advice that we can offer are extensive. From planning of removal works at the initial stage through to complete site re-occupation, we are able to assist.

All of the Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd team have a wealth of experience in the world of asbestos and are able to give valuable help and advice to our customers.

All of our senior consultants are qualified to a minimum of CCP level (British Occupational Hygiene Society, Certificate of Competence) or equivalent. Our entire team have been involved within the asbestos industry for many years.

If you need advice on asbestos issues, or would like to take advantage of our professional asbestos consultancy service, then we invite you to call us today on 01375 643863.


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Making Essex properties safer

Our trained and qualified team will inspect any structure and test for asbestos containing materials. Also air sampling for dangerous asbestos fibres which can help in preventing asbestos poising the atmosphere.

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Four stage clearance testing

Our thorough procedure will ensure there are no traces of asbestos fibres and that all work with asbestos will be completed in accordances with current HSE guidelines and contractor's method statement.

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