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Our team of trained professionals work across Essex securing the health hazard of asbestos making homes and office building safe from deadly dust particles. You can call us to discuss surveying a property or workplace first to ascertain if there is is a genuine risk to persons health presented by asbestos.

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Prevention is protection

Do you suspect materials containing asbestos are present in the walls or roof? Has asbestos been dumped in landfill or an adjacent property? Asbestos is a danger to the health and safety of persons and can be removed securely and safely. Use the call back form on the right and we will be in touch.

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Asbestos Monitoring and Four Stage Clearance

asbestos samples tested

Essex Asbestos Testing Ltd is UKAS accredited to provide clients with reliable on-site air sampling and evaluation along with 4 stage clearance testing. All of our sampling and testing is carried out in accordance with current and relevant guidelines HSG 248. There are specific codes of practice that must be followed in order to protect people from exposure to this harmful material.

All of the Technicians and monitoring staff who carry out these procedures have a minimum of P403 and P404 certification. This type of asbestos training covers the theory and practicality that sets the standard for airborne fibre counting techniques using Phase Contract Microscopy (PCM). It also covers training for air sampling and clearance testing.

Asbestos Air Sampling

Air Sampling is an important factor when determining the risk of potential exposure to Asbestos fibres. Essex asbestos testing Ltd is able to offer the following services:

  • Background testing
  • Leak testing
  • Personal monitoring
  • 4 stage clearance testing
  • Reassurance testing

  • Background Testing

    Background testing is normally carried out before any activity is conducted at the site. When work goes ahead without background testing, it can lead to the potential release of asbestos fibres within that area. The testing will provide an accurate measurement of the asbestos fibres currently in that area.

  • Leak Testing

    Leak Testing is carried out when asbestos is being removed from within an enclosure. This, along with a visual enclosure check, will determine the effectiveness of the containment of asbestos fibres.

  • Clearance Testing

    Clearance testing is part of a 4 stage site assessment for re-occupation, which is undertaken to determine as to whether the site can be re-occupied after the removal or encapsulation of asbestos.

The sampling is carried out with dust raising activities to ensure that there are no settled asbestos fibres within the enclosure/work area. All samples must be <0.01 f/ml if up to 4 air samples are collected. If more than 4 samples are collected, 80% of all samples must be <0.01 f/ml and remaining samples <0.015 f/ml. To talk to us about what this means for you, please call our expert team on 01375 643863.

All 4 stages must pass satisfactory for a pass certificate to be issued. The 4 stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Preliminary check of site conditions and job completeness.
  • Stage 2: A thorough visual inspection.
  • Stage 3: Clearance air testing.
  • Stage 4: Final assessment, post enclosure/work area dismantling.

asbestos samples tested Each stage must pass and be completed in numerical order for a pass certificate for re-occupation to be issued. If any part of a stage fails then a fail certificate for re-occupation is issued.

Reassurance Testing
Reassurance testing may be required in certain circumstances. This would be carried out on projects such as enclosure/work area dismantling after a successful clearance air test.

Personal Sampling
Personal Sampling is required to assess the exposure level of an individual when they carry out work with asbestos. It is used to assess as to whether the correct RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) is being worn. It is also used to check for compliance with control limits set in the current regulations CAR (the Control of Asbestos Regulations) 2012.

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Making Essex properties safer

Our trained and qualified team will inspect any structure and test for asbestos containing materials. Also air sampling for dangerous asbestos fibres which can help in preventing asbestos poising the atmosphere.

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Four stage clearance testing

Our thorough procedure will ensure there are no traces of asbestos fibres and that all work with asbestos will be completed in accordances with current HSE guidelines and contractor's method statement.

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